All Talks and Meetings will commence at 2.30 pm and be held in the pavilion, Field Place, Worthing,           BN13 1NP, unless another venue or time is indicated.

Visitors are welcome to attend all meetings; there is a charge for non members of £5 which includes tea/coffee and biscuits, members and spouses pay £2. To become a member see Membership under About Us.

Timings for visits and outings will be as printed in the detailed description of the activity. Click here for full details…

Coffee mornings take place at 10.30am on the 3rd and the last Thursdays of the month.

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Date Event Detail Place News Letter Report
May 7th VISIT

Visit to Shoreham lifeboat Station at 2.30pm



June 5th

VISIT Visit to The AMEX Stadium at Falmer at 11.00am    
September 17th AGM followed by a talk by our member Chris Rickard The talk will start with discussing how it was decided to design and build a car to do 1,000 mph, and how the team managed to persuade the Ministry to loan them the typhoon jet engines needed for the project by starting up an education
program around STEM.
Some short videos will be shown regarding the design process, and the problems and mistakes made securing funding for the project.
The talk will then move on to the testing done in Newquay to prove to Rolls Royce that the design could provide sufficient air intake to enable Max Re-burn from the EJ 200 standing still.
Finally, the talk will explain how the project went broke and the receivers were called in. Fortunately, things were saved at the last minute enabling the project to proceed to testing in South Africa, which is where Bloodhound is currently.
October 8th TALK TBA    
November 12th TALK TBA    
December  5th Christmas Lunch TBA    
December 10th TALK TBA    
January 14th TALK TBA    
February 11th TALK TBA    

March 11th



April 8th TALK TBA