Worthing Croquet Club

Wednesday 15th July 2015 – Worthing Croquet Club.
9 members and guests (one non-playing) joined Worthing Croquet Club for the afternoon to be initiated into the mysteries of playing croquet. The club is situated on the lawn to the east of The Barn building at Field Place where there are 2 x 3/4 size lawns and 1 full size lawn where croquet is played 7 days a week from 10 a.m. till dusk
RCEA member Chris Wood, along with club members, explained that croquet can be a fiercely competitive game of skill and strategy for teams or the individual. Fortunately, we were to play a rather genteel ‘fun’ game. Once the basic rules were explained we split into teams and off we went. Two teams of two, playing each other with a club member to guide us and to demonstrate the finer points of the game. After one game we stopped for tea and biscuits – then another game.
Many thanks to Chris for organising the outing and to the members who helped. Also for their patience in showing novices the finer points of the game – and supplying tea and biscuits. A most enjoyable afternoon.

Randall Keir