Eastleigh Works of BR Maintenance Ltd

Visit to Eastleigh Works of BR Maintenance Ltd.

On the afternoon of the 14th November 1989 about 20 members visited Eastleigh railway works.
The works is situated in the old locomotive works and now deals with heavy repairs to diesel and electric locomotives and multiple units.
We were first shown the motor shop which carries out overhauls on electric motors including traction motors. Armatures are fully overhauled including re-winding where necessary, but field windings which normally require less attention are returned to the manufacturers if rewinding is necessary.
In the main shops locomotives of classes 73 and 33 were being overhauled and a class 442 multiple unit (Wessex electric) was being repaired after accident damage. As the bodies of this unit has been lifted clear of the bogies it provided the opportunity to see the monobloc wheels and disk breaking which is unusual on Southern Region stock.
Amongst the vehicles in the yard was a two car set made up from 1938 London Transport Tube stock which had been modified for use on the Ryde-Shanklin line and was one of a number of units being prepared to replace 1930 Tube stock which had been used on the Isle of Wight since electrification in 1967.
The old foundry is now being used for vehicle body repairs, and here we saw class 423 (VEP) units being refurbished. Flourescent lighting and public address systems are being fitted, and the size of the luggage compartment in the motor brake section is being reduced to accommodate extra seating.
The visit proved extremely interesting but as the time available was limited to approximately two hours it was not possible to give as much attention to many cf the items as several members would have liked.
Report by E.B. Trotter.